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How we see ourselves in the next five years: Become a Chilean company that has provided the most useful solutions in the field of special and general education for children of pre-school and school age.


Designing interactive applications, from the gaps detected by education specialists, to help improve learning skills of children in pre-school and school age.

The main trend PITRUF GAMES's strategy is the accelerated digitization of audiovisual content (videos and games) and publishing (newspapers and books) that has occurred in recent years worldwide and has become the means of production and consumption of such content.

One sector that is experiencing a high degree this transformation is the Education, both in its support (replacement of paper books for digital books) and methodology (interactive education in digital devices such as PCs and tablets).

our team

René Chesta
executive director and animator

With long experience in 3D animation effects for Film and TV in Spain and Chile. Bachelor of Art in UC, Chile . He combines the management of the company with the modeling and animation games.

Sandra Caloguerea

She has over 17 years illustrating children's books and school books (about 50 publications) for the largest publishers of Chile and Spain. Art degree in UC . She does the illustrations and art direction .

David Caloguerea

He has programmed XBox and PlayStation platforms for the leading game companies established in Chile. Degree in mathematics from UC . Program and design the gamification of our games.

Claudia Caviedes
Master Cognitive development

Educator specialist intellectual deficit. Master in Cognitive Development. He currently teaches at the Universidad Diego Portales. She advises us on the suitability for Universal Design for Learning.

Mariana González
speech therapist

Speech Therapist from Mayor University with a degree in Child and Youth Behaviour Disorders . She makes us pedagogical consulting methodologies and dynamic characteristic of the cognitive process.