Nok Syllables is an application for children between 3 and 7 years of age who are learning to read.

This application counts with more 130 animated illustrations arranged in 4 different activities.

Use the syllable segments as a methodology for preschool and school age children to begin to learn how to read. Each one of the activities consists of three levels of progressive difficulty and prizes, with positive reinforcement upon correctly completing each one. When the children have completed all the levels, they have the opportunity to activate the tournament mode. This is completing the same exercises with a time limit. In this way, we combine the challenge and prize component of the game with an educational activity.

In the first activity, the children are invited to count the number of syllables in each word, presented in its illustrated and written form. In this way, we support the association of the graphic representation, recognizable by the children, with its written representation, which they must assimilate in order to develop the read-write process. Upon counting the syllables in a word, the child uses an already learned knowledge: the numbers, to divide the words into their phonemes; the first approach to reading.

The second activity reproduces the first, but now in a more complete manner, the child is invited to distinguish the number of syllables in each word in order to choose the correct one.

In the third activity, the child is invited to complete words that are missing one letter or syllable. Thus the cognitive process is to associate the missing sound with its written representation, which has been developed with the prior activities.

The fourth and final activity is the most complete, since the child is asked to build with the written letters or syllables each one of the words represented by illustrations. The child must match the sound of the word with its written representation.

OS: iOS & Android

Price: $ 2.99

Lenguage: Spanish

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